What is Marble?

Marble is a real-time fraud and compliance decision engine specifically designed for fintechs, financial institutions, and any company moving money as part of its core business.

We allow risk teams to create their own detection models and quickly react to new threats, all in no code and without having to rely on engineers:

  1. Access all the data you need by syncing your database with Marble’s.
  2. Create your own rules and scenarios
  3. Run them in real-time to catch fraud on the fly or in batch to conduct periodic reviews
  4. Measure, optimize, report!

What are the advantages of using a dedicated rule engine rather than a generic data mining solution

Data viz solutions, like Metabase, are often used to start an AML program. They are indeed reasonably easy to set up, but present significant limitations you should be aware of:

Datamining solutionMarble
No code rule builderLow codeYes ✅
Real time triggersNo ❌Yes ✅
Easy back-testNo ❌Yes ✅
AnalyticsMust be built from scratchBuilt in
Templates for AML / FraudNo ❌Yes ✅
Easy connection to your DBYes ✅Yes ✅
Use all your dataYes ✅Yes ✅
Easy calculationsLow codeYes ✅
Audit trailNo ❌Yes ✅